We love this life, and we are sure you will too…


Setting up Mill Valley has been hard work & has taken a lot of time but it is a dream come true for us…

We are sure that once you get here and find the tranquility, the peace & the relaxation, you too will fall in love with Mill Valley and everything it has to offer.

We really want you to enjoy it, but we also think it’s only fair to explain that the whole purpose of Mill Valley is to show you how wonderful it is to get back to basics…with a touch of luxury!

As we’ve already stated, you won’t find Sky TV, Hard Standings, concrete shower blocks, electrical Hook ups, Social Clubs and Redcoats… it is a real return to basics and you might even find the odd cobweb! We really want you to understand this before coming here – the very last thing we would want is for anyone to expect something we are not….


Mill Valley is in a rural setting, it’s based on a slightly sloping field. It’s got good drainage, but if it rains (as it does sometimes, even here in Sunny Cornwall!), then the field may get a little slippery and the footpaths muddy as they are by the River in a Valley so please remember to bring some sensible footwear and clothing!

The hot water system is quite simple…you just have to light the fire which is situated behind the bathrooms & keep it stoked up for a good hour to an hour and a half…then take a lovely hot bath in our little log cabin with some candles…

Everything at Mill Valley is fire based – keeping warm, cooking and heating your hot water.

For longer breaks (over 3 nights) we will provide you with a bag of firewood on your arrival. All fires will be laid up ready to go. We have more firewood available to buy on site which we sell at £10 for 3 bags

We provide you with basic cooking utensils…pots, pans, cutlery, plates, mugs, glasses, washing up bowl, toilet roll and tea lights…

You will need to bring…warm bedding, towels, tea towels & toiletries, a torch, a cool box & freeze blocks if you wish (we have a freezer close by), & some wellies…just in case! On booking I will send you confirmation with all of these details and directions to Mill Valley.

We would ask you to appreciate and respect our site and the work that we have put into it. We don’t have many rules but we do ask you that you take your shoes off before entering the Yurts and if you have muddy dog paws please wipe them and do not allow pets to get on the furniture!

We really want you to take Mill Valley as you find it – embrace the beauty of it – even if it does rain! – together with the fact it is rural, and therefore not fitting to have the trappings of modern life.

We know you will enjoy it, as so many of our guests already have.

Please have a read of our feedback page to see what our guests have really thought of it.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we will see you soon!…